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Responsible research with the power to transform lives is at the heart of our success

研究 Culture

At Lancaster University Management School, we pride ourselves on producing research that makes a positive impact on the world.

We are a collegial, multidisciplinary and innovative management research institution with a long-standing reputation for exceptional work, attested to by our performance in the RAE/REF since 1996.

Our world-leading research informs our teaching, influencing the lives and careers of thousands of our graduates. We are committed to the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) to better equip students to balance economic and sustainability goals and be future leaders in a fairer society.

We abide by the principles of Responsible 研究 in 商业 and Management, creating credible and useful research that improves lives, achieves significant impact, and finds solutions to critical future issues.

We develop, recruit and retain high-quality researchers, and leverage our excellence in the key areas of sustainability, social justice and innovation.

Through our work, we shape and influence government policy; aid and support businesses regionally and globally; and help to improve communities and societies.

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研究 Overview

Find out what makes us proud about the research from our LUMS community.

研究 with Impact

How does LUMS research make an impact on business and society – and why does it matter?

Multidisciplinary 研究

Discover how our world-leading researchers combine their expertise to tackle society’s Grand Challenges.

Nurturing academic career development

We ensure our academic staff have the time, resources, organisational support and collegial environment necessary to undertake world-leading research. We aid engagement with governments, businesses and other external stakeholders to shape influential research agendas and create impact.

研究ers have significant dedicated research time, targeted resources and incentives, and excellent local and central assistance. They are encouraged and supported with participation in journal editorships, conference attendance and other activities.

研究 within LUMS is led by our Associate Dean for 研究, Professor Katy Mason, and our dedicated team of research colleagues.

  • 研究 Centres

    We have ten core 研究 Centres focusing on delivering impact in key areas, and the Work Foundation which aims to shape the future of work.

  • 研究 Initiatives

    Our research initiatives extend across multiple departments and subject areas within LUMS, delivering innovative approaches to research.

  • Work Foundation

    The Work Foundation is the leading think tank for improving work in the UK.

  • Fifty Four Degrees

    The LUMS magazine showcases our cutting-edge knowledge and highlights our research impact.


研究 Events

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