Laurent Blanc has denied that he played Edinson Cavani as a proper striker in the Toulouse game the other day to make sure that the Uruguayan is pleased.

Cavani had mostly been played in the wide positions in the summer and it was reported that he was not enjoying that and was pondering what he had to do regarding his future.

When Blanc had been asked for his thoughts on Cavani’s situation ahead of PSG’s visit to Toulouse, he had clearly said that he would not change his formation just for the sake of the happiness of a particular player.

But, in the game at Stadium Municipal, he used Cavani in the striking role which made many people believe that the boss did so just to make his superstar player happy.

However, according to Blanc, it was not about making somebody happy. The reason why Cavani was used in a slightly different role that day to what he had been used in earlier in the season was that the team needed somebody who could play an attacking game at that point of time.

In the words of Blanc, “The opposition had three centre halves. So, I needed an attacker and out of the options that I had at that point of time, I thought Edison was the right one to go onto the pitch on the place of Javier.”

“It all depends on whom we are playing against and what the situation of the game is. I have said it before that I do things, which I think, are in the best interests of the team. I never try to please people with my selections and formations.”

Paris Saint-Germain won that Toulouse game by 1-0 to take their wins’ count to 18 in the French top tier this season.




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