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David Wilson’s College Football Site
This is a must visit site if you’re interested at all in the history of college football.  I used this site heavily as a resource in researching scores in putting this site together.  It has it all, historical scores, lists and links to information about just about every award and honor ever given in college football.  It’s a goldmine.

Scores by Date
Historical Scores by School
These two sites were incredibly helpful in compiling my information.  If anyone notices any errors off this or any other site as far as whether any games were incorrect or are missing or anything, please let me know.

D1 College Football
A very comprehensive resource on media, websites, fan groups for all Division 1 Football Teams.

The Virtual Library of Sport
Provides global links to key resources in all sports

Football Fix, the fastest loading football directory online.

Links Policy: As a site dedicated to college football and particularly to national championship issues in college football, we are always interested in finding and linking to other good college football sites. If you have a good site or know of one, we will be happy to provide a link to the site. We provide links in a number of places. We have a page dedicated to providing links to various college football blogs. We also are creating individual team pages and will be providing links to sites dedicated to those particular teams. If we find a site we like, we’ll link to it in the right places. In the same spirit, if you like our site, we always appreciate you letting people know about us.

When we find a good site, we will link to that site. A return from that site is never required but is always appreciated. We have determined to no longer involve ourselves with link exchange programs with sites not related to college football. This decision is not related to any particular search engine optimization strategies, as much as we prefer to focus on college football. Our policy is to avoid linking to gambling oriented sites.

In the real world as well as on the internet, word of mouth is by far the best way to get the word out about what you do. We are taking an “if you build it they will come” approach to this site. We’re building it. If you like what you see here, please tell others so they can come. Thank you.

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