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Ohio State Buckeyes

Record in Title Games:  50-15 (.732)
Record in Title Defenses: 42-7 (.829)
Longest Run of Title Game Victories: 15 Wins

Highlights and Lowlights

The current Heavyweight Football Champion with an impressive win over Texas. With the 24-7 victory, the Buckeyes claimed their 8th Heavyweight Title.

Few rivalries if any are as heated as Ohio State and Michigan. The penchant of these schools to spoil each others’ potential championship runs is seen even in Heavyweight College Football. While Michigan gained some acclaim being the first school to bring the title ‘west,’ Ohio State was there to spoil things by taking the title away in 1919. In fact, Ohio State would take the title from Michigan 2 other times, while losing it to them once.

Ohio State did manage to put together a nice record apart from just their rivalry with Michigan. Seven different times they’ve held the title, and they managed to defend their title at least once in all but one of those times. With a current run of title defenses, Ohio State appears headed once again for a showdown with Michigan.

Record of Title Games

191830-NovMichigan14Ohio State0
191925-OctOhio State13Michigan3
19198-NovOhio State20Purdue0
191915-NovOhio State3Wisconsin0
191922-NovIllinois9Ohio State7
19352-NovNotre Dame13Ohio State13
193617-OctNorthwestern14Ohio State13
195815-NovOhio State38Iowa28
195822-NovOhio State20Michigan14
195926-SepOhio State14Duke13
19592-OctSouthern California17Ohio State0
196812-OctOhio State13Purdue0
196819-OctOhio State45Northwestern21
196826-OctOhio State31Illinois24
19682-NovOhio State25Michigan State30
19689-NovOhio State43Wisconsin8
196816-NovOhio State33Iowa27
196823-NovOhio State50Michigan14
19681-JanOhio State27Southern California16
196927-SepOhio State62Texas Christian0
19694-OctOhio State41Washington14
196911-OctOhio State54Michigan State21
196918-OctOhio State34Minnesota7
196925-OctOhio State41Illinois0
19691-NovOhio State35Northwestern6
19698-NovOhio State62Wisconsin7
196915-NovOhio State42Purdue14
196922-NovMichigan24Ohio State12
197225-NovOhio State14Michigan11
19721-JanSouthern California42Ohio State17
19754-OctOhio State41UCLA20
197511-OctOhio State49Iowa0
197518-OctOhio State56Wisconsin0
197525-OctOhio State35Purdue6
19751-NovOhio State24Indiana14
19758-NovOhio State40Illinois3
197515-NovOhio State38Minnesota6
197522-NovOhio State21Michigan14
19751-JanUCLA23Ohio State10
19762-OctUCLA10Ohio State10
19772-JanAlabama35Ohio State6
19791-JanSouthern California17Ohio State16
198121-NovOhio State14Michigan9
198130-DecOhio State31Navy28
198211-SepOhio State21Baylor14
198218-SepOhio State31Michigan State10
198225-SepStanford23Ohio State20
198627-Aug`16Ohio State10
20023-JanOhio State31Miami (FL)24
200330-AugOhio State28Washington0
20036-SepOhio State16San Diego State10
200313-SepOhio State44North Carolina State10
200320-SepOhio State24Bowling Green17
200327-SepOhio State20Northwestern21
200311-OctWisconsin17Ohio State10
200322-NovMichigan35Ohio State21
20069-SepOhio State24Texas7
200616-SepOhio State37Cincinnati7
200623-SepOhio State28Penn State6
200630-SepOhio State38Iowa17
20067-OctOhio State35Bowling Green7
200614-OctOhio State38Michigan State7
200621-OctOhio State44Indiana3
200628-OctOhio State44Minnesota0
20064-NovOhio State17Illinois10

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